We offer a full range of CCTV solutions including from very basic and affordable home installation to high-end fibre/IP installation on a large commercial scale.

Our offerings are as follows:

IP, fibre or analogue installations.
High spec camera installations – PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom), Thermal, Night Vision.
Closed circuit or Network access systems for off-site monitoring.
Hard wired or wireless network.
Gone are the days that CCTV was unaffordable now we can customize packages to suit just about any budget.


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Why Hikvision?

It is the world’s prominent and leading supplier of video surveillance products and solutions. This company incorporates its state of the art manufacturing facilities in order to develop and design innovative CCTV and video surveillance products to provide the utmost safety and security.
Hikvision is a Chinese company which was established in 2001 and gradually developed into producing an extensive array of CCTV cameras and equipment such as IP cameras, HD analog cameras, management and analytics software, alarm systems, and other assistive surveillance equipment.


What are the benefits of Hikvision CCTV?

1. Choice: Hikvision offers the customers a tremendous amount of choice on the range of features incorporating image quality, camera design, and price. The best quality of Hikvision equipment is that it can be easily tailored based on the budget and requirements of the customer by handing a security system that suits the business or residential security needs.

2. Lenses: The Hikvision IP cameras are built with lenses that have more comprehensive coverage. This makes a single camera capable enough of covering a vast space so that you are not required to install more of it to cover the same area from all the different directions.

3. Analytics: The fact that makes Hikvision stand out of the rest is that its IP CCTV system comes with inbuilt analytics ability which means that we do not have to make an extra investment of any kind in the analytics software.

4. Resolution: The IP cameras incorporate a more significant amount of megapixels because of which better definition of pictures is obtained. This gives a super clarity to the picture so that when the image is zoomed it doesn’t get blur.

5. Easy to use: These cameras are extremely easy to use, and you do not require being a tech-savvy person to operate it. You can yourself operate it based on your convenience.

6. Expandable: The security systems provided by the company is highly scalable which is extremely useful for the future. If you can afford a few cameras in the beginning, it always provides you with the option to include more new cameras as when your business will expand you would require more extra security systems to ensure safety.

7. Simple Installation: This is one of the best factors about Hikvision cameras as they are extremely simple to install. All you have to decide is which area requires the installation of the system, and then it will be running up in no time. Hikvision security cameras recently added a new member in its category which is EXIR infrared technology. This technology delivers the most top-grade of night-time surveillance, unlike the conventional IR network security cameras.

Following are some of the advantages of this technology:

1. The highly efficient light source and enhanced LED light strength: It is a light-emitting and advanced thin-film technology that allows up to 30% increase in illuminant efficiency over traditional LED array technology. EXIR offers 1050mV unlike traditional light extraction of 750mV, thus providing stronger light for long-range visibility usage.

2. Evolutionary rectangular-shaped lenses for better light usage: Hikvision EXIR incorporates light in the form of a rectangle which fits a screen’s average size. This helps in the improvement of LED utilization and also reduces the light pollution in the surrounding environment.

3. Better luminance uniformity: This technology permits uniform IR illumination which further minimizes the lens issues of traditional LEDs such as over-exposure at the center of images, and darker areas at corners.

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