The new future standard
This TV wall mount is the best innovation in the field of mounting systems for televisions. Apart from the design, which oozes luxury and exclusivity, the BCS is the new future standard.

If you choose a wall mount with BCS, you don’t just choose a beautiful wall mount, but also the best wall mount! Intuitive usage and very supple hinges, so you can correct the TV wall mount with a single finger. The cables are invisibly hidden in the fixture, and the Screen Protection System ensures that your valuable TV does not bump into the wall.

The Quality Signature
Choosing BCS is wanting the very best in wall mount technology, design and functionality. A perfect companion to the excellent and elegant performance you get from your TV. With BCS is top notch in every detail. Giving you the best of: reliability; design; innovation; ease-of-use.

We sell and assemble
About this item Material: Steel
Supported Size: For TV from 32” to 150″
Maximum Supported Weight: each bracket according to the TV

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