Asset management and investment analysis

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It is a pleasure to work with BCS given its high professionalism, namely in technical knowledge and meeting deadlines. If I went back, I would choose exactly the same company. The work carried out is always of high quality and carried out with speed and agility, essential aspects nowadays, where everything happens so quickly!

Tania Regina Chirindza
Manager, Regina Beauty

The wealth of a family or company is much more than money. It represents effort, love and legacy: a tangible gift for future generations. It is intended to last a long time and allow its use in ways that benefit other generations, in the society in which it is inserted.
One of the major concerns of families or companies when it comes to their assets is:
organize heritage;
optimize your financial return and;
provide more tranquility and efficiency in succession.


Range of industries

Complete an Asset Inventory
Compute Life-Cycle Costs
Investment cash flow
Analisis of your financial situation
Financial expression of your life goals
Constant monitoring of its investment strategy and general consolidation of its portfolio.

Consulting objectives

BCS, lda serves investors with different needs and objectives.
Needs and objectives:

  • Clientes com disponibilidade de investimento nos mercados financeiro e imobiliário;
  • Customers with resources concentrated in a single institution without diversification of assets, strategies and opinions;
  • Clients looking for constant monitoring of their investment strategy and general consolidation of their portfolio;
  • Large investors who want access to a diversity of solutions.

Strategy development

BCS, lda can help you turn your business into a revenue generating asset.

Strategic plan development

Benefits & advantages of Asset Management and Investment Analysis

By keeping tabs on a company’s assets throughout their life cycle, a firm owner can improve their technique of acquiring and using assets.

We help individual investors, families and institutions protect their wealth and achieve their financial goals.

will have as advantages:

  • Accessibility;
  • Transparency;
  • Personalized Consulting;
  • Affordable prices;
  • timely assistance and intervention.

With the support of investment consultancy you will be able to assess the potential of a business idea, or the ability of an existing business to generate results in the medium and long term.

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